SavMe Government

It is an advanced and innovative solution for government and large cities.

Government 911 calling center faces difficulty in locating caller accurately as operator spends long time in determining caller's location, documenting caller's personal information and sending these data to the dispatcher who finally exports the order to other emergency agencies. SavMe government solution makes the whole process as easy as possible by one-click.

The mobile app is free to download, easy to install and use. It’s a simple solution and can soon replace the traditional 911 service. The operator side is also easy to install. Operator needs just a set of pcs with no software installed but a browser (Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer). Operator will be able to take calls directly from the PC and get all the information received from the caller directly on their screens.

SavMe Government allows operator to send direct information about nearby institutions (location and contact number). The caller will be able to see this information immediately reflected on their cellphone within the application (within the map view in the application).

It also increase collaboration between multiple emergency agencies because each one of them can watch the broadcast live and respond as quickly as possible.

SavMe Government allows citizens to report small incidents by taking an image or recording a video and attach text to it. The incident will be reported to the emergency operators who will redirect it later to the suitable department to deal with.

The solution has an admin component allowing supervisors of the emergency center to check emergency calls received, analyze employee performance and reward them accordingly.

Many ministries can benefit from solution such as:
1- Health ministry can have full updated medical information for the citizens.
2- Criminal Investigation agencies can use the recorded videos of emergency case as evidence.

Finally, Government solution can run with local connectivity and can be adapted to the 3G/4G speed available.